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Linares & Associates, Inc. works with small businesses and individuals for their accounting and income tax needs. Our firm can act as a sound advisor to assist in business decisions as well as financial accounting and income tax preparation. Individuals need a firm who understands their situation, and Linares & Associates, Inc. responds to their needs.

In addition, Linares & Associates, Inc. also assists troubled businesses, lenders, creditors and their counsel in the following ways:

  • Help a firm in trouble, before or after bankruptcy.

  • Assist with management advice regarding sacrifices to be made and more efficient accounting and internal control procedures.

  • Perform or assist debtor's accounting department functions to updatebooks and records and prepare current financial information.

  • Prepare and assist the creditor in formulating projections, forecasts and budgets.

  • Review viability projections, forecasts and budgets for presentation to debtors.

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