You can now view a list of downloadable Federal Tax Filing Forms directly from our website!

Many of our clients are overburdened with the task of studying the often complex tax regulations, which in turn distracts from other areas of the business they would rather be focusing on. Linares Associates, Inc. serves as a support firm designed to remove the guesswork from your tax planning in order to maximize profits and minimize loss.

As a Linares Associates, Inc. client, you receive services that go beyond general tax preparation and review. Our agents are dedicated to going the extra mile in determining recent tax trends that specifically apply to your business affairs therefore maximizing your potential. Likewise, our firm stays abreast of recent tax legislation to anticipate its effect on your business plan.

These tax services include the reviewing of various Buy-Sell agreements, representation before the Internal Revenue Service and other tax bodies, review of employee benefit plans, design of executive compensation programs, tax planning in corporate reorganizations, business and real estate planning and structuring, consultation on aquisitions and business sales, and assistance in the installation of pensions and profit sharing plans.

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